Fee Policy

Riptide Recovery wants our customers to be assured that they are getting top-of-the-line service for competitive rates. When you choose to engage our services, you won’t pay any fees until after our experienced staff has successfully collected the debt owed to you. Thanks to our informative and transparent updates, you’ll never have to wonder what the status of your account with us might be.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, we will provide a hand-tailored plan to successfully collect the debts you are owed. While the cost may vary depending on the type of assistance you need, you can rest assured that you won’t pay a cent until you’ve seen results.

Primary Placement

A Primary Placement is an account that has not yet been sent to a collection agency. Utilizing our expansive experience, our collection specialists can bring a new and informed perspective to the situation. We’ll consider essential variables -- such as the duration of delinquency, the total amount owed, and certain demographic information -- and utilize our knowledge to formulate the most effective plan possible. Even in instances where a business owner has never before retained professional debt collection services, we’re prepared to step up to the plate and guide our clients through the process so they can get the money they’re owed.

Secondary Placement

An account is considered a Secondary Placement when it has previously been sent to another collection agency before being brought to us. These types of accounts can be particularly tricky to collect, considering the duration of delinquency is increased, which frequently allows the debtor to become more elusive.

Furthermore, if another agency has already attempted to collect the outstanding balance, the debtor will be aware of the situation and may have taken steps to intentionally obfuscate the situation. Our debt specialists will enter the situation with full knowledge of this fact, allowing us to concoct a strategy that will allow us to circumvent these considerations using a variety of strategies to deliver real results.

Skip Tracing

Sometimes, a debtor may decide to run, or otherwise avoid paying their creditors. In cases like this, we provide skip tracing services. While a debtor may change their phone number, move, affect an alias, or use others to pay their bills, we collect as much legitimate information as we can find in order to find any debtor who might have attempted to go off the radar.

Our team researches the debtor and collected any information available. By parsing public records, credit reports, and loan applications, our team is able to assess the information available and determine how best to contact the delinquent debtor. Once the debtor has been identified, a complete background check can be performed, allowing us to determine the best strategy for regaining your money.


A debtor who had attempted to go off-radar may be extremely difficult to locate, but our team is up to the challenge. Don’t give up hope on money that is rightfully yours: instead, consider our services for debt collection. Let our knowledge and expertise at Riptide Recovery benefit you!

Medical Debt, Commercial, and Consumer Debt Collection

We know that debt collection isn’t unique to one particular industry. That’s why our team of collection specialists includes experts in a variety of fields. But utilizing our spectrum of experience, we’re able to stay abreast of relevant developments across a plethora of industries.

Our medical specialists are intimately familiar with the regulations for privacy set for by HIPAA, ensuring that sensitive information is treated with the necessary confidence.

Debt collection is simply a natural extent of operating a business, but that doesn’t mean you should bear the responsibility of collecting on your delinquent accounts. Let our team do what we do best -- take care of debt collection -- while you concentrate on what you do best: running your business.


In many situations, our team is able to resolve the issue through cooperation with the debtor. When that fails, our in-house legal team is prepared to formulate a plan of legal action, drawing upon the resources available through our national network of attorneys as necessary. Once our legal team is given permission to proceed from a client, they utilize a variety of specialized legal techniques to get the desired result.


While successful litigation is important, the money awarded by the judgment is only good if it can be collected. It is not the court’s responsibility to collect money awarded by a judgment; however, with effective petitioning, the court can order certain processes that can be utilized to collect should the debtor fail to submit payment voluntarily. No matter how difficult an individual might make the collections process, our team is ready to rise to the occasion.

Should a debtor decline to fulfill the terms of a court judgement, our team will create an affordable and effective plan for action. We have experience with debtors who fail to cooperate with judgement terms, and as such, we’re able to avoid the common mistakes that occur when attempting to collect the money awarded by a judgement in your favor.


In certain circumstances, a debtor may not be capable of paying the full delinquent amount, but will be willing to settle for a lesser amount, payable immediately. In some instances, you may prefer the immediate (and guaranteed) payment of a smaller sum of money.


Acting on your behalf, we can facilitate the agreement between you and the debtor, recovering as much of the delinquent account as possible. In the event that we cannot reach a settlement with the debtor, we work with our clients to explore the alternate options. As always, you will pay nothing until we have successfully recovered the delinquent account.

Payment Plans

In the event that a debtor cannot pay the entirety of a delinquent account at one time, we can provide them with a payment plan, which can prove beneficial for both our client and the debtor. We’ll negotiate with debtor and provide a repayment schedule that will see the delinquent account paid back to our client as swiftly as possible. Providing a debtor with a repayment plan can provide a steady source of repayment that offers an extremely favorable return on your investment. Many debtors are unable to repay the money they owe without a repayment schedule, and by working with clients and debtors alike, we’re able to negotiate terms that are manageable by both parties.

Credit Analysis

No two debtors are alike when it comes to the nature of their financial obligations, stability of employment, and type of income. Knowing this, our team takes the time to conduct proper research before determining which course of action will be most effective in the collection of delinquent accounts. By determining the nature of the client’s financial situation before approaching them directly, we can ensure that we’re equipped with the information necessary to successfully fulfill our goal. Not only does this process help us keep abreast of the situation as we work on recovering the delinquent account, it also provides invaluable insight as the collection process continues.

In addition to providing valuable insight regarding the situation of the debtor, this analysis also allows us to give our clients a good idea about what the outcome of various strategies are most likely to be.

Credit Consultation

Know exactly who you are lending to with our credit consultation services. With credit consultation, you can examine the financial standing of the debtors. You’ll never have to worry about irresponsible people coming to you for finances because you will have everything you need to know through being taught the nuances of credit reports with credit consultation.