Riptide Recovery works between debtors and lenders to get the money that’s owed to you back to its rightful place. We work with small companies, corporations, and individuals to retrieve the money that was lent to someone or that requires additional payment. We collect commercial debt, medical debt, and consumer debt to restore the equity of the relationship between lender and borrower.

Working with lawyers and other representatives, our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the ups, downs, and inconsistencies of the debt collecting process. Understanding the business of debt collection is synonymous with understanding the law. Debtors will do everything they can not to pay back the money they owe you, and it is a lawyer’s job to keep it in their pockets. On the other hand, it is our duty to represent your rights and use the laws for what they are supposed to be for, protecting the rights of the innocent victims.

Much like the occupation of a lawyer, our service is built upon the idea that if you don’t collect your money, you don’t owe us a dime. Your success is our success, and we will do everything in our power to see to it that you get all your money back. We utilize competitive rates and perpetual collection analysis to exhaust every avenue of retribution. We won’t rest until the money is back in your hands.

By working to gather medical debt, commercial debt, and individual lease payments, we have acquired experience in all facets of the industry. Learning about the nuances of the laws in various lending practices has provided us with the expertise about the methods borrowers and their representatives will use to get around the law and deprive you of your money.

To ensure that your money is returned, we apply a variety of techniques to find the best angle to relieve you of your stress and get the money back where it belongs, in your account. If the debtor disputes the sum of the debt but not the fact that they owe you, we can pursue a settlement that will get you as much money as possible. We employ extensive background research into the details of the money owed, and why they may be withholding it. Finally, if we don’t get the results we want, we will hire our own lawyers to fight the circumstances in court and make sure you receive the money that has been kept from you.

We also provide credit consultation for our clients to teach them how to keep their own credit score high and how to examine a report to see if the debtor will be reliable in paying back the money. Credit consultation is the hidden gem of our services. Not only do we ensure that we will work diligently to get your money back, but we will show you how to avoid entanglements with credit counseling from the experts.

It comes down to finding the right approach to your particular case. Our long list of success and experiences lends us the tools to determine the proper approach to your unique and particular situation. No rock is left un-turned. Rest assured that with our debt collecting professionals at your side, you will have money in your pocket as soon as possible.


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